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To stay up to date with my photography, like: www . / AlexanderMuellerPhotography (…)
Hello dA community.

I have recently been idle here on dA. However my photography is still active. I have experienced that it is a lot more convenient to use facebook for that purpose, though their copyright policy is kinda shaky.

Long story short: If you want to follow my latest photography art of all kind (and I have moved into a whole bunch of new genres) then like my Facebook-site "Alexander Müller - Photography & Journalism":…. There you will see several new photos a week.

See you there!
~ FAQ ~

What animals do I have?
The brown Siberian husky-dog is "Cheyenne", the brown/white cat is called "Cuty", the black cat is called "Chelsea". The white horse is "Charming". All other animals on pictures are not mine.

May you use my artwork as a reference for a drawing or painting?
Yes, but link directly to my reference-picture (link) and to my profile (*iconununpentium115*). Also please send me a note with a link to your work.

May you use my artwork for a digital manipulation or a collage?
No, please.

Are my images copyrighted?
Of course they are. That's why they need crediting and my not be reproduced or used without permission.

May I use them as a wallpaper or save them?
Of course you may.

Is there a way of getting a high-quality print of your pictures beside the expensive prices of dA?
Yes, there is. I'm able to print my pictures in excellent quality on A3-glossy paper (~297 × 420). We can negotiate about the price. Shipping is then excluded.

What equipment do I use?

  • Canon EOS 40D
  • Canon EOS 300D (not in use anymore)

  • Canon USM 17-55mm 2,8
  • Canon USM 24-58mm 3.5-4.5
  • Canon USM 75-300mm 4-5.6
  • Voigtländer 19-35mm 3.5-4.5

  • Flash: Speedlite 420EX + Diffusor
  • LCD Timer Battery Grip + 3 Batteries
  • Storage Card: Sandisk 4GB Extreme (III)
  • Filter: Polarizer, soon 3.0 ND

What are my favorite photos?
1.) Horse Eye
2.) Bald Eagle
3.) If Looks Could Kill and Look Into my Eyes
4.) V For Vulture
5.) Love is in The Air

Which photographers can I recommend?

Any final words?
Welcome to my new watchers (today counting 575) and thanks for all your faves and nice comments.
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Hey, I just saw that I already have 25.000 Pageviews! That's very nice, I guess, although it doesn't mean that much for the photos.

I just wanted to celebrate that with something most of you like, too. A Cheyenne-Photo again. My recent photos have been more about nature and landscapes, which I currently like more. So here is one I took this summer of her:…


Btw: I just have the first real snow this year. I'm glad because finally it is snowing up here in Sweden, too (and not just back home in Austria, where it has been snowing all weekend)
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  • Listening to: Mellomania
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Hey everybody.

Probably you already took notice of it, but I updated my TOP3-pictures: Horse Eye, Bald Eagle and Husky Love.

I started from scratch, cropped it, did minor changings in light and improved color and contrast. Then I framed it in my new style (btw, I would like to hear your feedback about that, compared to my white frame before)

So here are the 3 pictures, I would really love to hear your feedback about them (Like what you think of my new framing style or if the photos are too whatsoever) Anyway, probably you won't notice the difference.

Horse Eye:…
Bald Eagle:…
Husky Love:…
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Hey guys

Seems like I missed dA a bit. Actually I have been gone now for more than one year but I decided to show up again.

Just some impressions:

.) The new dA version is great. It helped me saving a lot of time while browsing through comments and new pictures!
.) Some of my uploaded photos are extremely average. Maybe I'm too critical but I think I did better jobs in the last months.

But the most important update
.) I have a new camera. In June I bought the Canon EOS 40D, which is simply an awesome camera. It was 760€ but it is totally worth the price.

Btw: I'm right now in Sweden (since August and till December) for a semester abroad and beside the weather I really like the country. Actually I don't wanna go back to Austria again...

Allright, it seems like you will see me here more often again.
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Woa it's been a long time since I updated this journal and my whole site, indeed!

So here is some stuff, you might are interested in (if not jump down to the end :D)

My summer
It's awesome by now. It started in May when I had 7 weeks to prepare for my easy oral exam and ends in one month when my university (which I successfully applied for!!) starts. The topic of my studies is Journalism and it's damn hard to get in that university.

I worked one month to get money and do something useful, I had my one week vacation in Turkey which was awesome and I did a lot of short trips in Austria. At some of them my camera was with me, so you might see some new photos in the next days.

Actually there is nothing bad I could say. Everything is totally fine. Social Life & Love, Job & Education, Money, even health everything is more than satisfying!

Regarding health: I had on Tuesday a bigger operation near my stomach but it was very well done and I'm looking forward to being totally healthy again in some weeks!

Next weekend on September 8th I will join an Foto-marathon in Vienna. You get 24 topics that you should photograph very creatively in 12 hours. I'm looking forward to it :)

Well those were the most important things I have done since my last Journal Entry

Due to the long time, I havent been here, I have really lots of messages in my message box. I answer all notes and comments but I'm sorry that I cannot thank everyone for a fave or watch any more.

Take this as a general THANK YOU for all you loyal watchers and fans :D

Also nice that I have more than 14000 pv since today :)

I won't keep this too long and won't mention clubs or people now. Forgive me :)

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Hey guys.

After some time again a journal entry. First of all: Welcome to my new watchers.

Some personal stuff
I'm really looking forward to the vacations in Turkey the last week of June. It will be a lot of fun :).

I have downloaded today one absolutely amazingSoundtrack. The one of Schindlers Liste. It's amazing soft classic. I also found two songs of the Soundtrack of "The 25th Hour" which are extremely good!

I'm planning the visit of Norway but it isn't sure due to the lack of people who want to come with me or can afford it...

I have finished my oral exams today, so I have graduated completely now!
Today I had to do two oral presentations. One in hirstory about the liberalism and the parliamentarism of Austria. The other one in English about body language and business etiquette. In both subjects I got an A aka a 1. I'm really glad to have here a dA-Community and some friends that I chat with to improve my English, which is really good at the moment and helped me a lot during my exams.
Btw: This average means that I have a final grade-average of 1.5 which is an excellent success and which I can be damn proud of. :)

Some dA-stuff
I have recently uploaded some deviations, some of my cats and one with a serious background. I didn't expect it but I'm glad many people faved my deviation "Shadows of the Past" which is about the not well known concentration camps of the NS-time. It means a lot.

I have joined some clubs lately because I try to bring my work to as many users as possible.

Btw: The statistics are really awesome:
  • Soon 11.000 Pageviews
  • More than 30 Favorites per Deviation
  • Over 300 Watcher
  • All in All more than 3500 Favorites on my work.

Plus: I want to mention some users:
:icontinman-20-tinster::iconparadigmparadox: - for their useful feedback the last journal entry.
:iconduvallgear::iconphotocrafter: - Because they are amazing photographers.
:iconcarterr::iconaustriangirl: - For featuring me!

The Clubs I belong now to:

I want to finish with a random quote, I like, of the German scientiest Georg Christoph Lichtenberg:
I am convinced we do not only love ourselves in others but hate ourselves in others too.
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Hey everone.

I have got quite a lot to write. :)

Photo stuff
As you have seen, I uploaded some new photos, some of Cheyenne, some of Vienna. Thank you for all the favorites and the nice comments.

But let me tell you something: The really good photos are on the last pages in my gallery; uploaded far before I had most of my current watchers. So if you honestly like my work but haven't seen artistic work like Green Eyes, Thirsty, Cuty, <a href="…>Siberian Husky or Chillout check them out ;). (This (Serenity) is my favorite of the latest pictures).

One thing I would really like you to do is tell me which one the worst photo of my gallery is. The worst two or three are also appreciated. I prefer honest critique very much and I respect that I cannot have a good advice for every photo in every comment but it would really help me improving if you also tell me if you don't like a certain photo and then why not. Diligent users will get a small surprise from me ;)

Current Photo Stuff
Last week I had a bigger photo order where I had to photograph 14 children at their First Communion in a church and then afterwards outside.

I learned something: I'm right that I don't like photographing indoor. I don't like to have to care about the light but okay, I managed it very well. And one thing I was actually surprised a bit: The group- and portrait-photos turned out very well. Actually I hate all contrived situations for photos because in my opinion people are most beautiful and natural when they don't know that they are being photographed.

Tomorrow I will go to the Life-Ball in Vienna. This big event for (or against) AIDS is taking place for the 15th time in Vienna and this time I will be there to catch the atmosphere and maybe make some photos. As I won't be the only one there (40.000 people are expected to be there) I cannot guarantee good shots...

On Wednesday I will go to Linz/Schloss Hartheim. It has a lot to do with this exhibition (Am Spiegelgrund) I have seen. At this place that I will see on Wednesday, a lot more children have been murdered due to "euthanasia". Maybe I will make a similar collection of the impressions from there.

Personal stuff
At the moment I have really a lot of free time. In 3 weeks I have my oral exams in two subjects: English and History. For English I have to prepare some facts about "Body Language in business meeting" - a topic that highly interests me so no big deal and for History I have to find out everything about "Liberalism" - a topic that is literally made for a Libertarian like me :D.

Another not that good news (actually it's blessing in disguise). Remember the surgery I had in Januar?. Well, despite it was already the second time they had to operate the same part of my groin, the problem occured again and now the doctor is waiting for me a third time. Btw: If you want to calcutlate how lucky I am just calculate 0,1 * 0,01 = I saw my 0,1% chance and seized it -.-. But the lucky thing about it is that I found a (private :() doctor who is really great and can operate me with a small operation which doesn't handicap me for some days. If everything works out well then I can perfectly walk on the next day again. And then probably my dream of already playing football in summer again would become true :). It isn't cheap but I'm really pissed by now because of my stupid, weak non-sport genes. Maybe I will be operated at the 4th of June or so. That would be the best thing. Then I could go to my graduation travel to Turkey without worries and pain.


Another further thing: Two days ago I watched this movie with Edward Norton: The 25th Hour. I cannot tell why but I really liked it. Especially the last sentence made me think a lot: "This life came so close to never happen". Think about it and you'll probably find a lot of situations where you have been close to never see that current life happen...

Allright: Thank you very much for reading all this stuff. I somehow had to get this off my soul :)

Clubs I want to mention:
:iconviennaphotography: :iconrealcritique:

Really good artists, I want to mention:
:iconduvallgear: :iconnate-zeman: :iconphotosbykev: :iconphotocrafter:
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As you all have seen, I have recently updated my gallery with new pictures. Finally!! They aren't that usual because Cheyenne isn't on them :P but I will soon upload some with my little husky girl :).

At the moment, I'm just obsessed by one idea: Going to norway for two weeks. It looks so beautiful on the pictures... the fjords, the preikestolen... I need to go there!

If anybody of you guys has any ideas and/or experience and can tell me something about travels up there, I would appreciate that very much! :nod:

Here are again some random pictures of my gallery. Check them out. You might not know them :P………

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Hey everybody.

Wow.. it was quite a long time since I have been here the last time (longer than 5 seconds :P). Well.. it had a pretty good reason: I had my written A-Level exams for graduation last week and I had to learn 2-3 weeks really much. I actually had no time at all for anything else than stupid learning.

But now it's over and I'm pretty sure, I did well. So that I now have time for things I like to do, I will be here on dA more often :)

First it will take me some hours to go through all the messages and answer all the favorites and questions. I have like 800 messages in my mailbox, let's start right after finishing this journal. Then I will go through the Deviations of the users, I watch and comment or fave some of them. And then I will upload new photos because I have pretty many of them.

I have been in Finland <3 in March and still haven't uploaded photos, so be looking forward to them :)

By the way: Welcome to all my new watchers. :wave: Enjoy watching. :)

Maybe have a look at some random pieces of my gallery:………

Maybe have a look at some good friends' accounts:
:icontakemeouttonight: - :iconskaut: - :iconpasix:

Best greets
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Hey everybody!

As you probably already have seen, I'm back again. Not that I have been really gone but due to the operation I had and some other things I had to do, I had hardly time for dA.

The operation has been successful and I have no more pain. I can walk again and I hope that I will be able to play football and do some other sports in some weeks again.

I have a full mailbox and I will try to answer all messages and comments this weekend. Please forgive me, if I don't thank you for every single favorite you make. It would be too much, as I haven't been here for such a long time.

As you can see, I was diligent and made some new photos. The weather is like late spring and so I went out to make some new shots. I like them, but "Speed" is my absolute favorite of the new ones.

I'm really looking forward to next weekend. I'm going to fly to Finland. Actually it's more a "business"-travel but I will take my camera with me! It was always a dream to fly to this (apparently) awesome country and next weekend and one week in April I will be there!

That's it, I don't want to bother you with a too long journal :)

Visit Anna's new account :icontakemeouttonight:

- Alex
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Hello everyone!

It's been such a damn long time, since I have been active on dA. I really have been busy with school and work. This weekend I will try to answer some comments, which I got a lot of :)

First of all:
Hello to my new watchers!

Things in my near future:
Yeah... I wish there wasn't anything but next week I have an operation. Actually it's the second on the same place but this time it should be the last. (Stupid genetics combined with sports) :XD:

Things in my near Photo-future:
I'm sorry you haven't seen a lot of new pictures in the last time. I have quite some and I will try to frame and upload them as soon as possible.

Things in my past:
Yesterday I saw the Triple Feature of SAW (I-III). It was good, even though the third part isn't that much of SAW I. I won't post here any spoiler but just so far: Like every other of the SAW-Series it has a very well-thought and interesting ending.

So I hope that we can see more often here than in the last 3 weeks and enjoy "deviantArting" :D

As always: :)
:wave: :iconaznbabygirl101:
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I thought about changing my Featured Deviation from Bald Eagle (…) into Horse Eye (…) because this has become like my favorite photo.

It's strange that so less people faved it compared to other photos in my gallery but whatever. What do you think about changing my Bald-Eagel-Legend into the horse-eye reflection

Oh.. and
Happy new year to all of my watchers and visitors who read this!!
May your 2007 be as great as my December :D

btw: In less than 2 hours Saddam Hussein should be executed if I may trust the press :-O 100€ that this won't change anything, but whatever. Let this bastard get his punishment, I go now to bed :)

How could I forget ^^;
Hello to my Asian American girl in Saudi who can't sleep again :hug:
hah.. confused now :D
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Hey all of you watchers and visitors!

It has been a long time now, since I last updated my journal.

This was because I really had stress in school with some projects, and I wrote much for the newspaper, I'm working for beside school. But now vacations started and I have a lot free time now :)

Some things, I wanna mention and thank you! I don't take them too seriosly but I think it's worth mentioning them. It's now 107 days, I'm here, which is less than 4 months.

  • >5.000 Pageviews
  • <150 Watchers (you're great)
  • <1.500 Favorites
  • >16.000 Picture-Views
  • >15 Favorties per Deviation
  • soon >100 Deviations

I wanna thank you for all: for your critique (which could be more :P), the nice comments and the faves.

Another person I wanna say thanks is Anna. Thanks for the nice time I can spend with you!

Clubs I'm in

Have a look at this really good drawing, of my 5002nd Visitor…
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UnUnPentium115's Journal Entry #1


Hey guys.
I won one week of free subsription on dA and now I try to find out about all the specials of a subsribed user :)

I will try to format this Journal Entry with CSS but I can't promise, it works. Don't worry, it's not my skills in CSS if it doesn't work.

Anyway: here are some pictures I feel like showing you right now:

Cuty by UnUnPentium115 Innocence by UnUnPentium115
Butterfly by UnUnPentium115 Siberian Husky by UnUnPentium115
Horse Eye by UnUnPentium115 Thirsty by UnUnPentium115
Conscience by UnUnPentium115 I can't take this distance by UnUnPentium115


Here is the ranking ofmy top-faved pictures! :bow:
  1. Husky Love by UnUnPentium115
  2. Bald Eagle by UnUnPentium115
  3. David vs. Goliath by UnUnPentium115
  4. Jump by UnUnPentium115
  5. Watch out by UnUnPentium115

thanks @ all again :thanks:


:wave: @ :iconaznbabygirl101:
:hug: you, dear.
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1. What color are your boxer shorts?
blue, darkblue, white

2. Do you ever lie about your age?
yeah, I said I was older to get into clubs and said I was younger to get cheaper prices :D

3. Do you prefer "sensitive girls" or "party girls"?
for longer partnerships I prefer sensitive girls, not meaning that they should be boring :)

4. Do you prefer blonde or brunette girls?
Definetely Blonde, but also black

5. Are you currently single?

6. How many things in your past do you regret?
Well, there are some...

8. Do you have a best friend?

9. What do you want to be when you grow up?
A journalist and maybe photographer

10. Have you ever kissed two people in one night?
Just one

11. Where do you shop to buy most of your clothes?
C&A, H&M, I don't care about brands, it has to look good

12. Who was the last person you hugged?
well, yesterday [...]

13. Have you ever had your heart broken?

14. Have you ever thought about suicide?
thought about a bit, but considered it to be not worth losing life

15. Have you ever wanted someone but you knew you couldn't have them?
Who hasn't?

16. Have you ever felt like killing somebody?

17. If you could change anything about your past, what would you change?
Knowing about my feelings earlier.

18. Do you like your life?
it could be much worse, but some parts could be better

19. Do you shop at Hollister?
is this like Pimpky?

20. Has one of your friends ever stolen a girlfriend from you?
no, but I had some ex-girls of them

22. Did you forgive them?
I wouldn't if we were in a partnership.

23. Who was your first best friend?
Dave, and he still is (for about 7 years now)

25. How long have you had myspace?
not yet

26. Have you ever skipped school?
Of corse, but not often

27. Has anyone ever cheated on you?
no (and not as far as I know)

28. Have you ever had to wrestle a girl to the floor to stop her from slapping you in the face?
haha no :D

29. If so why?

30. What are some of your biggest fears of your life?
heights, spiders

32. Has anyone close to you ever passed away?
fortunately not

33. Have you ever cried yourself to sleep?
not really crying but thinking over and over again for hours.. yes

34. Have you ever not been able to get someone out of your head?
see question 33

35. Do you believe in the saying "once a cheater, always a cheater"?

36. Are you a player?
I wouldn't cheat on somebody.

37. What kind of cell phone do you have?

38. What is your screen name?

39. So far, do you like this survey?
could be better, but it's okay

40. Have you ever had a good feeling about something and it turned out you were right? I think I decided mostly very well

41. Do you ever wish you were famous?
Sometimes, but not to be lucky, just to have more influence on some things.

42. Do you ever wish you were a woman?
hehe... sometimes it would be easier :D

43. Do you think any girls will open this just because it says the male survey???
definetely :P

right, now you know everything about me

:wave: @ :iconaznbabygirl101:
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Hey, I just wanted to tell you that I bought today a new lense for my CANON Eos 300D.

It's a CANON 70-300mm USM and it will improve my shots over a big distance hopefully. I payed EUR 310,- for it, which is okay I guess.

Some random photos of my gallery, you can have a look at them, if you don't know them by now :)
Horse Eye
Shining Paw

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I'm back again. :)

It was a very nice stay in Portugal, and I really enjoyed it! :nod:

I mostly liked Lisboa, but the whole scenery and the wine were great.

I made about 800 photos.. most of them just as to remeber this great time, some of them are quite good.

In the next few days I will look through them and see, which ones, I'm going to upload. Until then, I wish you a very nice stay in my gallery.

Greets @ :iconaznbabygirl101: who is current in New Orleans to document the situation after "Katharina". I hope, she reads this and knows, that I'm looking forward to skyping with her again in one week.
PS: I'm trying to send the package this week. You will like it ;) (Surprises included)

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Hey everybody.

Good or bad news, as you want to see them :)
I'm going to fly to Portugal on Saturday (tomorrow) and will stay there one week. Actually it's for school, but I guess it will be more holidays than stress.

I will be in Setubal and I hope I can take a lot of good photos there. So all of you, look forward to seeing new nature photos of me :)

Enjoy watching my existing pictures!